Brittany Casnar, MA, PLPC


If you've found yourself here, you're probably kicking around the idea of reaching out to someone for help.  Maybe you're dealing with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or grief.  Maybe you're stressed because life feels a bit shitty right now.  It could be your job, your finances, your relationships, the current political climate, or the million little things that need to get

done but you keep putting off.  Or maybe you're feeling stuck, unmotivated, or aimless.  Or just dissatisfied with your life, and wanting more. 

While all of those feelings are natural, sometimes unavoidable, and 100% entirely human - left unchecked, they can be disruptive and impair your ability to be your true self  (a completely unique and amazing human being).

Do some of those feelings sound familiar?  Does your experience seem more intense?  Maybe you've been dealing with some pretty tough stuff for a long time.  If you're struggling to manage the symptoms of chronic mental illness - please know you are not alone. 

Whatever dark place you're in right now doesn't have to stay that way.  You don't have to wait it out.  You don't have to walk that path alone.   Reach out.

Brittany Casnar, MA, PLPC

Mental Health Therapist

Menstrual Health IS Mental Health Advocate

Under the supervision of Josephine Ludwig, LPC. Lic. # 2012008191