Meet Adie


Adie is a 5 year-old German Shepherd Dog.  She is currently working toward Therapy Dog certification through the American Kennel Club.  She is the sweetest friend, and loves spending time with people and pups alike.  

How can Adie be of help during a therapy session?

Adie's job is to aid in stress reduction by being a calm, grounding presence.  She is a joyful addition to a therapy session - helping clients become more comfortable and relaxed, and naturally uplifting one's mood with positive interaction. 

Does Adie attend sessions with every client?

No.  Adie will only attend sessions with clients who are comfortable with her presence.

What if I'm allergic to dogs?

In order to keep allergens to a minimum inside the office, Adie is not allowed on furniture.  Vacuuming and dusting occur daily.  Clients with dog allergies will be scheduled on days that Adie is not present in the office. 


If you suffer from severe dog allergies and are concerned about the office environment, please ask about an alternative meeting space. 



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